Tuesday, April 27, 2010


it is my dream to go, along with my many other dreams that i have, which are highly impossible to make possible. not this one though
my older sister and i have already made plans to move there when i finish school, and, we have already picked out our dream apartment
i got started on my little i love ny chapter from re-watching The Devil Wears Prada, The September Issue, New York Minute (classic Mary-Kate and Ashley) Sex and the City movie and all the old episodes, looking at pictures from NY Fashion Week from previous years, watching interviews of Abbey Lee Kershaw talking about NY, of course watching gossip girl, and the ability to wear amazing dressed-up clothes (dressed-up compared the extreme laid-backness of Australian fashion) on a daily basis.
one more thing, YELLOW TAXI'S
now i'm not too sure if this isn't the real NY and is just the directors fancying it, but still, it looks brilliant.



  1. i get what you mean, like i really want to live ther BUT i cant stand the accent and i have a feeling that the stuff in movies isnt real, like how they think we ride kangaroos. HAHA

  2. I would like to go there too... TO fell that vibe :)


  3. NYC is my favourite place in the world! U have to go! I've been 3 times an planning to move there in a couple of years! yay! xxx

  4. i can just see you prancing around new york in blair waldorf's get up. you'll get there.
    x x